On this page is a small selection of some links to sites that may be of further interest.


Theatre Database - Theatre of the Absurd and much more!

Here is a completely fascinating website in which you can spend hours getting lost in it’s may links and features. Happy exploring!



Here is a link to the English Database of modern plays from around the world, with a direct link to scripts written by David Weedall..


National Youth Theatre

The NYT was founded by Michael Croft in 1960 with no financial backing whatsoever. Those that now carry on his good work do so to the benefit of many young people who otherwise, might never have the opportunity to set foot on a stage. Splendid!


National Theatre

The National Theatre has been at the forefront of setting standards for professional Theatre in the UK since its inception in 1963. However, the National is arguably only truly national when it is touring productions and away from it's 'Londoncentric'  base.  'National Live' has taken steps to further address this issue by beaming live performances to selected cinemas on certain occasions.


Chichester Festival Theatre

The Chichester Festival Theatre has a history of producing top quality theatre, with many of its shows transferring immdeiately to the West End. The quality in recent years has been outstanding, and you miss their performances at your peril! Although the age demographic of the area is somewhat elderly, Chichester are taking steps to encourage younger audiences to particiape in attendance.



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